Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Work?

Once you find someone you’d like to travel with, you may contact them two ways (1) send them a Trip Suggestion (i.e., come to me, travel with me, show me your town); or if you are impatient, you may (2) send a message right away (Note: Generous members will need credits to send a message; Attractive members who purchased a Premium membership can send a message without an accepted Trip Suggestion).

When a trip offer is accepted, you can proceed to exchange messages with the member. Simply write a message and start getting to know that person. At your own discretion (please read out Trip Advice and Safety Tips), you may exchange contact information and start planning your travel.

Can an accepted Trip Suggestion be removed from the system?

Please understand that an accepted date is an agreement between you and another member, whereby an attractive member will meet a generous member for a Trip in exchange for a financial payment from the generous member to the attractive member. Once made, this accepted agreement cannot be removed on the website except in the following situations: (1) An accepted date will automatically be removed after 14 days if still remains locked, or (2) a Generous user can pay 10 credits to remove this date from the accepted proposals list if it is still locked.

What if someone accepts my trip, but the Trip never happens?

The Trip Suggestion is simply a suggestion for someone to travel with you, however, it is not a binding agreement. The Trip Suggestion system provides a way for you to quickly gauge a member’s interest without having to waste time sending messages. Once a Trip Suggestion is accepted, it is up to you and the member to communicate and plan the details of such a trip. However, remember the Trip Suggestion (even if agreed to by both parties on the website) is never a guarantee.

Why is my account “Restricted for Suspicious Activity”?

Our fraud system detects fraud for multiple reasons and using various different criteria. All restricted accounts will be reviewed by a fraud specialist within 24 hours, and if cleared you will be able to access the system again. Please understand that our fraud detection system is put in place to protect all our members. If your account is restricted, you will not be able to send messages or create new Trip Suggestions to members. If you have any further questions, please Create a Support Ticket.

Why was I Suspended?

First off, a suspension is different from a deletion. A suspension is an action that places your account in Limbo. No users will be able to view your profile, communicate with you or send you a Trip Suggestion. But all of your pictures and information will be saved. Generally users will find themselves suspended for breaking some of the rules and regulations of the site, or if they are getting too many complaints for their activity on our website.

What is a Trip Suggestion (Proposal) and is it Legally Binding?

A Trip Suggestion is a suggestion to go somewhere with someone. It is merely an ice-breaker and a way to establish interest before communicating with the person. The trip suggestion is not a legally binding agreement, so do not be afraid of sending one or accepting one. However, remember the Terms of this website that you accepted when you join as a member. If two people who met through our website agrees to go somewhere together, the Generous member is in effect agreeing to pay for all travel expenses of the Attractive member. That is an agreement that would be legally binding in court.

How does the “Find a Travel Companion” Guarantee work?

Only generous members who purchase our “1000 Credits” package are eligible for this Guarantee. Our website guarantees that if you purchase the 1000-Credits package, you will find a (one) travel companion to travel with you, and if you do not find a travel companion we will credit your account with an additional 1000-Credits. Please go to the Guarantee Policy page for more information.

To apply for the Guarantee Extension, you must make sure you have met all the conditions laid out in our Guarantee Policy. If you have met all requirements, please send an email to guarantee (at) with the following information: (a) Your Username; (b) Your First and Last Name; (c) Your Contact Phone Number; and (d) Your Email Address.