How Does Work?

Step 1 – Register (It’s Completely Free)

Signing Up is Simple and Fast

Registering on is an easy two step process. Simply select the membership type, and enter your email address. Remember, you must be 18 or over to use this website. After confirming your registration through our activation email, just fill out a profile and upload a few photos of yourself. Once they are approved you are on your way to meeting the right travel buddy.

Membership Types

Attractive Traveler: If you are a beautiful person who wants to travel for free, just signup as a “Attractive Traveler”. Attractive Travelers are adventurous and open minded people who love to travel, but lacks the budget to do so. As such, you are looking to meet Generous members who are willing to pay for you to travel, or gift you frequent flyer miles which may be redeemed for free flights on all major airlines. Remember, as a Attractive Traveler, you get to use our website 100% Free.

Generous Traveler: If you are a generous sponsor, signup as a “Generous Traveler”. Generous Travelers are generous members who are seeking to travel with a beautiful companion, and who are willing to pay for all travel expenses. Generous Travelers can use our website for free. Pay only when you decide to communicate with any Attractive Traveler.

Step 2 – Search, Communicate or send Travel Proposals

Browse Thousands of Profiles

Search the hundreds of thousands of real members worldwide. You may choose to email a member directly, or you may send them a Travel Invitation.

Propose a Trip

Once you have found the person you are looking for, it is natural to propose a trip with them. Even if the member doesn’t have your specific destination on their profile, it doesn’t hurt to ask them! Plus, Trip Suggestions are completely free, and a great way to initiate conversation once messaging is unlocked.

When creating your Trip Suggestion you will need to choose from one of three trip types:

  1. Travel with Me: Choose this option if you want to find someone to travel with you to a new destination.
  2. Come to Me: Choose this option, if you wish for someone to travel to your home city.
  3. Show Me Your Town: Choose this option, if you want to visit someone at his/her home city.

Remember, on , if you end up traveling, the Generous traveling member is expected to pay all travel expenses for Attractive traveling members.

Step 3 – Plan Your Trip

Planning Your Trip

Attractive members are allowed to communicate for free, so once a generous member unlocks communication the actual trip can be planned in detail. You can choose to skip the Trip Suggestion and send a message if you would like; however, we recommend a Trip Suggestion so as not to waste money with non-serious members.

Once you have connected and agree upon a trip, they are free to exchange their contact information or communicate via our website to plan the details of their trip.

Use Common Sense

Note: Remember, online dating is risky, and we always recommend that our members practice a common sense approach when meeting a stranger online. Please read the Travel Tips section of our website before using our website.