How To Talk To A Sugar Momma

How To Talk To A Sugar Momma

Talking about relationships with your mature female date can be a good idea. However, stay alert you are not talking too much on a just a specific relationship or look obsessed with a particular relationship. Talk about relationships you have with your family and friends. It will help them to realize that they are not dealing with childish boys but younger men with mature thinking. Forget about it when you’re chatting with mature sugar mommas, please.

Also, her interpretation of how you spend your downtime can come into play. It’s likely that she won’t enjoy watching you play video games or hearing the latest gossip about your bros. Never ever bring up sex in your opening exchanges. If you say like “hey baby, I am so strong and want a sex with you” in the beginning. Generally speaking, you don’t get any responses. So please respect and treat your potential sugar momma seriously.

  • You can simply choose the right platform, consider the recommendations that we provided in this guide, and start looking for a sugar momma that’d be an ideal partner for you.
  • We will never approach you percent installment.
  • Tickets to charity events can be affordable, and you can go to a country club on a guest pass or trial membership.
  • Education and ambition are not the most important criteria considered by a sugar daddy or a sugar mama, but they matter a lot.

But with that said, what really makes a great sugar momma dating app? Here are some of the criteria we used to make our selections. Of course, Bumble isn’t one of the sugar momma apps, but there are many people who’ve met their sugar daddies, sugar mommas, or find perfect sugar babies on this platform. Experienced SBs recommend not to use your main account to find a sugar momma or a sugar daddy—a separate profile will work better. A user should also note that they want to find a sugar momma without saying it directly—otherwise, the profile can be suspended. For example, you can just note that you’re looking for an older, generous woman—a sugar mama will understand your message anyway.

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Say if she loves travelling and ask about her travel trips to places. She will be happy to talk about her vacations and trips to beautiful tourist places.

How To Talk To A Sugar Momma

Also, avoid leaving links to your personal social media in your profile. We think the safer method is to find a sugar mama through a dedicated app where you already know the beautiful women you find are interested in a cougar/cub relationship. Finding a sugar mama in the real world can be pretty difficult.

How To Get A Sugar Momma?

A sugar mama is a successful woman looking for a younger man to date and spoil. A young man who dates a sugar mama is considered a male sugar baby.


Do not immediately try to get into her pants as she may not want to quickly get to that level with you. Danielle Gelber is the Writer who is mainly focused on high-quality sugar baby guides. She is a certified journalist and a professional author with more than 3 years of experience.

If sex isn’t the only purpose of their meetings, it can’t be considered any form of sex work—it’s another form of a regular relationship. As both Instagram and Facebook are not initially meant for a sugar momma relationship, not many use it this way. But some mature women still are open to contacting hot younger men on social media which can grow into full-on sugar relationships. This app is among the top sugar dating apps, while it is not solely specialized in them. The site has everything for comfortable online dating and has millions of users worldwide.

Her friends will be her age, so make sure that you don’t make them feel old, either. And remember that even older women tell their friends everything. So know that her friends will hear about it if you two have a fight, if you make a snide remark, or if she perceives you aren’t romantic enough. There’s a difference between youthfulness and being immature. No sugar mama wants a true baby to take care of, so don’t think she really wants you to act helpless.

How To Find A Sugar Momma On Instagram

This can be the make or break period for many relationships as well. The adjustment period takes place because it’s not your typical relationship and both parties can need some time to get used to it. She too wants to feel the comfort and fun of being admired and loved by a man, just like any young aged women want. When you compliment them on their physical appearance try to do it sincerely. They are independent woman who have travelled a long way to reach success, so they can differentiate between fake compliments and real ones. Try to be specific when you praise their outer beauty- like say “Your eyes or hair or lips are beautiful” and not just “Wow you look so pretty”. This looks immature and fake and they will not get impressed.

Mention anything from her profile — it’s extremely important. That’s how she’ll know you looked at her pictures and took some time to get to know her even before you started chatting. Don’t be generic — sugar mommas get a lot of generic messages every day. The BBB recommends performing an online search for the profile, name, email address or phone number to see what comes up in search results. Just because the photo in your sugar momma’s dating or social media profile shows a suntanned, bikini-clad hottie on the deck of a yacht doesn’t mean it’s actually a photo of her. It’s easy to steal photos from online sources such as social media, and using someone else’s photo to trick victims is a typical romance scammer move.

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